September 5th 2020 5:23am Saturday

The sheer scope of what I want to be informed on is daunting. I would like to be able to be as informed as I can on all the things that have to do with human optimization. Especially for people, like me, that feel like they spent way too much time eating fast food sitting around getting stoned playing video games. Especially for the young men who have are confused, frustrated, and turned off about life. So many things to consider, for me consumption is what lead me towards a lighter direction. The basic building blocks of the human machine are made up from what we consume. At first I solely focused on water and food. Especially water. High quality is also the number one most important thing. That is why I work where I work. I tend to forget the anxiety I felt in the in between period of being a mechanic and working at moms. Especially at first when I was so reliant on processed goods and animal products I really got how it can be pricey to “eat healthy.” What does “eating healthy” mean? Well first off it is such an umbrella term that so much junk can be thrown under it, it can be hard to decipher what the fuck is actually beneficial or optimal for you. The worst part about all of this, like ALL of this, diet, lifestyle, community, faith, purpose is that we have such proclivity to cling to one side, specifically the side that works for us. We make everything political real fast. Even just something simple as “eating healthy”. can be so misconstrued by anyone who doesn’t take the time to think or isn’t aware of their ability to think critically. Yes people don’t think about thinking, people don’t critically think, but that doesn’t mean they can’t, a lot of it has to do with unrecognized fears and conditioning. I want this tangent to lead into the argument that any one diet, lifestyle, faith, or whatever is the best or only way to do things optimally. What comes up for me immediately is the idea of being vegan vs. actually being vegan. It has become more of a framework of thought, motivation, and action than it probably ever intended. The whole idea is about being kind to animals and the planet by reducing consumption. This is not the case at all because capitalism took the reins and introduced seventeen different alternatives to every one animal product. From what I have observed it seems like an average vegan diet is about replacing animal products with alternatives, rather than simply eating more plants, mushrooms, grains, nuts, and legumes. Which brings me to a point where I am conflicted whether it is better to highlight stuff that no one should be consuming ever or highlighting a simple framework of stuff that is “safe” to consume. It just seems to counter intuitive that a vegan lifestyle only highlights the absolute elimination of animal products and nothing else. Then basically leads you into the desert and says figure out the water and food for yourself. Then there is the fact that every person is different, and what works for some might not work for others. Duh. Yet the ideology of being vegan never seems to question that. It is rather an adherence to the faith that most important. Not actually doing what is most optimal for the bodies nourishment. Ok lets just do the stuff to never eat. Optimal nourishment starts with a total elimination of cheap processed oils, preservatives, coloring, and questionable ingredients. Get that shit out the way. No cheap stuff, high quality everything. Vegans just pretend that some cheap fish oil pills and protein shakes are enough to support a healthy human. Then there are the allergens that can get in the way of being in an optimal state. Most if not all cheap, convention animal products are full of things that cause allergic reactions and inflammation, but so do most if not all cheap convention plants, especially soy, wheat, and corn. Not even getting into the environmental effects that mono culture crops have on the land. Thinking, understanding, and using intuition are all what is seemingly missing. So that is why I want to create clarity for myself and anyone who want to know how to treat themselves better with what they are consuming. There is a hierarchy of what is most optimal and what is not acceptable. At the top is biodynamic local organic produce, really nothing can top that for the most nutrient dense thing you can consume. Local organic is next, then local not necessarily certified organic but using organic methods come after. This is where the gospel of stuff like “organic is the only way” becomes real confusing because that “organic” certification is a total fabrication of big industry to dress the machine up as something that it is not and they are able to do this with money. When I write shit like this I get frustrated because I know so much has already been written about it so it feels like a waste of time and energy. Oh well, I need to synthesize my ideas more harmoniously with what I know, what I have learned and where to go from there. K Love You BYE! 889 6:20am

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