September 18th 2020 Friday 6:58am

Today I am coming to you from the Robbins Inn near Bar Harbor Maine. I made it, my goal was to get to Acadia and I am right up next to it. Now I just have to figure out what trail I can accomplish today and what the heck I am going to do tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. One day at a time. I said yesterday that I want this to be the end of not planning, and I hold firm in that belief however you know how easily you can lead yourself astray from what you really want if you aren’t constantly checking yourself. Even more so then a “checking myself” whatever that means, you know you need specific measurable actionable goals to really get what you want. Yesterday I felt like I floundered for at least an hour in minor despair because I had no plan of getting here, where I was staying or anything. I spent most of the day yesterday in Portland. I left Worcester by like 9am and got to Portland by around 11. First thing I did was search for a skatepark, I figured that would be a place to interact with local or whatever. I found a cool little park with a bowl a nice flow and chilled for a bit. The first people I interacted with were also from Jersey, two were from LBI, and the one who wasn’t skating worked for PSEG in Audubon like 5 minutes from my house. What? Small South Jersey I guess. After riding for a bit most of the people there dispersed by 1 or so, it was getting warm out in the sun but luckily? there is still a fog of wildfire smoke blanketing the east coast so it wasn’t oppressive. Regardless, I wanted to explore more, maybe eat some food so I parked in a lot near a “wellness” place, which I thought was going to be some kind of store but it ended up being a dispensary. One thing that is a weird bummer about Maine is that weed is legal but it still can only be purchased with a medical card. I rode around Portland for a bit in search of spiritual shops, spots, and things to eat, but I wasn’t particularly successful. The one shop named simply, stones and stuff was the most promising but it was appointment only. As for spots I wasn’t looking that hard but there didn’t seem to be anything too phenomenal. I did find a cool record store place and got some stickers and a crystal. The best thing I found was a food co-op grocery store that was like the well refined version of what MOMs wants to be. I got some produce and raw goat milk yogurt, I couldn’t resist. After that I was torn, Portland is so hip and cool, I wanted to stay and see what the “night life” had to offer, but then again my goal was to get to Acadia. So I spent the next hour or so driving around aimlessly in the suburbs until I got to a point where I really had to make a decision. I stopped and searched for the cheapest closest places to Acadia, the Robbins Inn was that. The balance of price and distance to Acadia is pretty on point here. The closest airbnbs were either campsites or an hour away. I am so grateful for technology on this trip. I would have never been able to navigate where I was going, what I was doing, and how to do it without the phone. The technology may seem like a burden when you are caught up in useless scrolling, but it is also a blessing when you use it for the utility of navigation, room booking, and interesting content. Between the two drives yesterday I listened to a Paul Chek podcast and a Stan Grof podcast. The ability to learn while in motion traveling is such a transformative experience. I feel great, I had such an itch of excitement last night when I got to the motel. Really it started after I got off 295 and headed towards Trenton. I immediately got the impression that it is weird and kitschy up here. A lot of large ornamental statue things on people’s lawns. Like big goofy mini golf-esque stuff all over just for the sake of being weird, I love it. Just generally good vibes started hitting me. It’s like a mix of the beach and the mountains. Also it just seems simpler up here, like they established the area as a touristy place during the 60s/70s and it hasn’t really changed since. I arrived to the Inn by like 7 and chilled for a bit but was curious about Bar Harbor so I headed out for find food and drink. Settled at a very nice place called Side Street and had two beers. I got a haddock reuben to go and devoured it back at the hotel room. It was almost too quiet in Bar Harbor at night. Granted it was a Thursday and it’s the end of the season but it felt a little weird. Also it seemed like there were just too many options so each restaurant had only a few people. Also the mask thing is absurd. I feel so bad for all the people who are generally so afraid, it’s such a shame. You just have to let it be and forget about it, but there was a particular moment when I was walking past two people smoking cigarettes and I was well over 15-20 feet from them and I looked over and they both covered their faces real quick as if I was leper. Beyond my own insecurities about people “not liking me” for whatever made up reason I have, just to think about the absurdity that someone that is actively participating in a habit like smoking which is the number one thing killing people globally to have a thought like, “I better cover my mouth with a piece of cloth to keep myself safe from this other human near me” is just flat out sad, absurd, and pretty scary actually because the deep level at which they have become brainwashed happened quickly and swiftly and I can only hope they find it within themselves to question their actions. Jeez, well I have to get on with figuring out what trail(s) to hit today and what to do tonight, do I stay? do I move on? You should decide by 3 because really time is “running out” for your big covid congratulations vacation. 1098 7:50am

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