October 9th 2020 Friday 6:06am

If you are capable of acting then you should. Acting as in acting within the places that require action. The world has enough sad sacks that are destined to repeat the same traumas without any deeper examination as to why stuff is happening and what can be done about it. So if you are one who chooses to examine and act then here are some of the basic building blocks for a solid foundation. As a start all you need to know about are four categories. Manifestation, nourishment, movement, and rest. Manifestation of a dream, goal, or objective is the groundwork from which all other categories become meaningful. Dedication to the dream is what supports all other categories. You need a reason to be in the process of transformation. The stronger and more precise the reason the less likely you will be to act on motivations not in line with your dream. For example if you want to lose weight write it intu the future with present tense as you are already there. It is, whatever day in the future, and I weight, whatever weight you are now minus ten pounds, and I look and feel amazing. Sounds a bit corny but this is the basis for manifestation. To support the declaration of a dream, goal, or objective an action plan that supports is what works best to keep you on track and allow for completions and wins to be measured. If your dream is to be ten pounds less by one month from now break it down by week, then by day. Two week goal of five pounds, each day goal of less than half a pound. Once the foundation of why you are doing anything is set then the other systems can be incorporated. Each category is meant to create a goal in order to reduce distraction. Nourishment includes all things consumed. Nourishment isn’t just food and drink it extends into anything you digest whether it be inner or outer dialogues to entertainment. If the energy can be felt, analyzed, and reacted to then it generally fits in two categories, nourishing or depriving. I can bet that there are a lot of things you consume that probably would be classified as depriving. To reduce the deprivation and increase nourishment is the goal. To do so the simple yet difficult task of reducing the things that deprive you of energy and increasing the things that cultivate energy. First step is to consume plenty of clean high quality water. Adhering to a certain amount of water daily not only allows for all bodily processes to work more effectively, it also supports a framework of measurable actions to complete daily. Half your body weight in ounces is a minimum baseline for how much water a person should consume. Mixing things like salts, apple cider vinegar, root, and herb tinctures can help the body absorb and retain the water easier. Infusing water with fruits and vegetables can also aid in optimal absorption. The minor nuances of modern life are the things that truly make the difference. Someone could be drinking plenty of tap water and eating plenty of conventional fruits and vegetables but still be in a state of disease because the water is fluoridated and contains heavy metals, the produce contains synthetic hormone disrupting pesticides and has been grown on depleted soil so the nutritional content is severely lacking. We are exposed to enough toxins just existing in the modern world so wherever we can consciously reduce ingesting more we should try our best to do so. Along with measurable amounts of high quality water consumption, a measurable amount of organic produce consumption is of the utmost importance to focus on. Organic produce generally supports smaller farms with more biodiverse crops that tend to use practices that support soil health. Reducing the amount of chemicals and toxins that one consumes is imperative to support the healing process that every human in the modern world must undergo to optimize their ability to heal themselves and in turn reach back and help others get out of the toxic wasteland that human have created. Even though we were thrown into this mess once we are conscious of our role as healer then we must take responsibility for ourselves and continue to pass along the knowledge that can lift us out of the muck and ascend to greater heights of consciousness. So we must dream big, and support our physical body with adequate hydration and nutrients as a baseline for the physical activity we must interact with to forge a stronger union of body and mind. 771

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