October 3rd 2020 Saturday 5:24am

I dreamt a bunch of dreams that I cannot recall… so it goes. Shifting out of this last moon into the next one has got me feeling lazy and stuck all over again. Maybe the feelings never really left, I’m just good at keeping a decent attitude most of the time. I feel like I could go off on so many tangents about behaviors, patterns, habits, but what good is that really doing me or anybody. The world wants and needs from me to step up intu the fullest expression of myself. I have a tendency to adherence to historic stories that inevitably define how I am being based on recognition of similarities rather than creation of possibilities and probabilities. I tend to disregard intuition and refuse to act upon that which will bring about meaningful change and transformation. Ugh, this shit is boring. I often end up spouting off about all this meta bullshit like here I am being lazy again and here are all the reasons why I do all the bullshit things day in and day out that keep me from myself, and for some reason nothing really changes. Then you analyze it even further like, here are the reasons why I do or don’t do the things I feel compelled to to, and also here is how I think and feel about said reasons, and then again, nothing changes. Yup, then theres the part where you try to lift yourself up by not focusing on the lack and pretend to bypass all the pent up emotions to simply said you are “witnessing” without judgement or some corny shit like that. That is why I am changing the subject to crystals. I want to analyze the role that crystals play in human beings interactions with the world. I want to break down the lofty ideas that everything is a vibration, these vibrations apparently occur as light waves. Waves have an essence of being harmonious and disharmonious. Crystals have strong structures because the wavelengths in which they vibrate at are harmonious. I want to better understand and relate it back to human beings. I have heard that the structures within the brain can form and/or are formed from crystalline structures. How this all relates to health, wellbeing, connection to source, the ideas of spirit and soul, and all that jazz is what I want to be able to draw relative conclusions about based on anecdotal evidence and repeated observations. I could easily talk out my ass about how everything inside the known universe is attuned to a vibration of unconditional love. Vibrating at that frequency can be achieved through optimal sleep, movement, consumption, and dreaming. The dream part is where I want to relate how the intentional information one creates within the crystal structures of the brain are what supports the ability to manifest possibilities that may seem discontinuous with those of the ordinary. I seemingly occur to myself as an ordinary, lazy being, however some part of me has been able to practice taking action based on theories that seem to ring true which has brought about actual experiential progress in life. I would like to be in a sharing of the information I discover. The result would be the evolution of consciousness through the practice of attuning to the vibration of unconditional love that the universe is basically waiting for us to pick up on. My personal experience has been that once I changed my mind, my world changed. What supported the transformation was incorporation of optimal hydration, rhythmic breathing, high quality nourishment, and movement. Again and again I am then faced with the glaring reality that the intentional dream, goal, objective is all but missing from my own formula. Even though I can talk about it and wrap my head around it the worry of the unknown becomes greater and more serious than it actually is. The power of intention can work both ways to manifest realities that either support transformation of stifle it. I have spend most of my time here stifling my growth and expansion so that the stories can hold more power than they ever should. Then things play out the way they always do reverting back to my programming and stuck in my ways. It is time to play with your ability to manipulate your reality with intention, manifestation, and possibilities. You have been caught up pretending to try and save everyone, which ends up looking like you becoming more cynical and closed off. Lets do something different and actually put forth the effort towards what YOU desire. Don’t kid yourself either, you know what it is even if your survival instincts and limiting beliefs want to tell you differently. Goddamn today took forever to write so little, sometimes it just be like that, you pushed through and completed the practice, good job.813 6:39am

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