October 23rd 2020 Friday 5:13am

What good is it if you ain’t foolin’ in it? It can be anything, surely you have caught on by now. The flavors range from bright to dull. Why not prepare to create the inevitability now rather than disregard your heart in hopes someone else’s might comes along. Prepare. Wow, that’s a bold statement, without context it could all be so simple babe. Meaningless at best. Pretend for a moment that you are ready. You have it all set up and it still flops, then what? Blame the pre or the pare, the up or the down, the in or the out, who’s first, who’s last? Regardless, the result stays constant. Let us go in and on a journey, bring everything you don’t need and let’s see what’s really important. Check in from time to time will ya? It gets lonely here and the frustrations are mounting when there is no time to relax. Tends to be the way she goes. Take a second to breath and let it all blow before you plow right ahead into the cold lifeless void. Light can neither go any faster nor slower, it is simply constant. Consider that maybe, just maybe you are on the right track. All you need is a little symphony. Some drums, bangs, and a blue corvette. Sprinkle in some fun, sun, hugs, drugs and bugs. Let’s see where it goes from there. The important thing is to seek what makes you feel free. Free from restrictions of conditional love, free from the worry that anyone is watching, free from the endless excuses plaguing the collective. So far the plan was to drink until the pains over, but what worse the pain or your mortgage payment. This life is a gentle soul who’s been kicked around and thrown out too many times. They want to pretend like they’re hard now and learned the lessons, but truth is stranger than fiction. Give it up, the whole operations went the pot, everyone knows you’re a phony yet you keep on calling out like you were something else. Be easy, it’s ok, let’s just put it down for a moment and realize the alarm has been going off for so long you forgot what it sounded like without it. You can try to cry out to the sky because you’re lonely and scared, no ones responding, no one is there. That’s perfect and complete, let it all in as you watch it all go. Reflect back for reference, surely important things have happened but that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to put it aside for bigger better endeavors. It’s all yours now, take it, take what you want, be brave but tactful. Money, that’s useless here, give it up. Simply charge it to the game, whatever left on it, fly like an eagle, let the spirits carry you away to the lonesome river who’s name is unknown. Unbeknownst for most is the phase has shifted full on. It’s your time to shine, that doesn’t mean you ain’t already as bright as you always are. Wrap your head around this maybe, again, maybe this is all part of the patterns that persuade purpose. Perpetually perceiving people positively. Finding foolish fallacies faking fully formed foam for road blocks in a forest race. Where you are now is strangely not where you were, and where you are going may not necessarily be molded by any of it. Take a moment, please, reevaluate what, where, who, how. What is important? What is true? Where is the fun? Where is joy felt most? Who is in control? Who are your people? How much longer will you pretend? My intent is to express the deep dark depressing lack pressing up against the side of me. It too shall pass, it is a hurdle not a cage. Contemplate the validity of such things briefly, make a decision, move on. Create the composure that transcends barriers. Get your nerves right. Fight the urge of incontinence. Protect yo neck, get yourself out, reach back, help someone else out. Spark up the conversation, ignite intuition, be in it, contribute. Not for the glory, but for the sake of the purpose. The real power of an individuals words. Tempting fate for too long may lead to regret. Withholding the truth only makes you a liar. Taking more that you need leaves everyone else at a lack. Decide which side is right for you while skating the line to see what it might be like in another pair of shoes. Believe that chances are given, taken, and created by being in tension. Frequently frequencies fall back into lines. Balance is brutal, the higher the highs, the lower the lows. Keep it on an even keel, not too much, not too little, but just enough to be in it to win it as often as possible. See where it goes from there.817

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