Learn to AVOID

-All processed food

-All refined sugar

-Low price/quality meat

-Most cheese and dairy

-Fried Anything

What to eat

-Vegetables everyday (at least two veggies) (No limit)

-Fruits everyday (at least two fruit) (No limit)

-High quality fats, grass fed butter, coconut oil, EVOO, avocado (no limit)

-High quality nuts preferably pecans, walnuts, and brazil (limit)

-High quality eggs (no limit)

-High quality meat preferably beef, chicken, or pork (no limit)

-High quality fish/shellfish (no limit)

-High quality Sprouted grain/breads (limit)

-No more than 3-5 ingredient foods(hummus, sauces)(limit)


Coffee Window (5am-12pm) – Free to drink coffee

Fast daily 9pm-11am, try for 12-14hrs

Movement before eating(Squat, pushup, any physical activity)

Walk (10mins+) After meals

No screens before 6am and after 9-10pm(Prioritize sleep!)