August 9th 2020 Sunday 5:12am

I read a short instagram post about “the lion’s gate” which is some cosmic event that apparently culminated yesterday. It also claimed that since yesterday was 8/8 it was one of the luckiest days of the year. The alignment of galaxies and the infinite eight apparently helped things get on point. Yesterday did feel pretty good, had some wins, had some perceived loses, but I’m moving forward. So far today has been easy. Inflammation is such an issue. I keep wanting to play around like I won’t feel like crap in the morning due to consumption of some sugar or gluten. Like Troy Casey said it really shows up as a hangover. Sugar hangover, gluten hangover, lack of sleep hangover, thats a good way to describe it because it’s relatable.

What I know so far off the bat is that sleep is the most important thing. Across the board it seems like the general consensus is coaching someone into getting better quality sleep is as important, probably more than any other aspect of life. The couple things tie into sleep, so it all goes hand in hand. If you exercised enough better sleep can be achieved. Exercise creates all kinds of feel good hormones along with crazy things like BDNF which promotes growth. Mindfulness is key as well, because I was thinking about all the ways in which one could exercise improperly, either incorrectly, too hard, too light, however. So being mindful of yourself, what you are doing, where you are at is completely important. Results may be achieved through breathing, meditating, and yogic practices. However there are numerous ways to do all the things and everyone is different. So sticking to the basics at first key to not get lost in the sea of opinions. Same goes for diet, the best diet is not diet and that is achieved through mindfulness, and awareness. Then again you are making it seem so easy, like oh yea just be mindful and aware and everything will be better? How the fuck do I do that? Breath more, how, where, when? What do I do when I meditate? Is this going to take a long time? So much cultural ego to break through. Fuck I totally lost the track to go down some road to undermine myself because “the problem is too big for little old you to solve”. that story is the one that stops you nearly every time. What you shall do is be faithful then. Well, Ok, how would you do that? I would have to be courageous, determined, and accountable. Self accountability is what I am generally talking about, hmm. This whole thing is just a journey on a track of becoming mature. Being accountable for yourself is inseparable from being mature. It would look like a map, or something like that. On the map there is a place where you are at, and a place where you will be. Thats the distinction too, you are going to BE there. Even though it is very hip to just live in the now. Creating where you are going to be is what human beings have proven to be good at. Soo there is a value in objectivity in this subjective existence. The marker is you, where you are currently at, the object is the destination. You are going to be at that destination barring any sudden and highly unlikely death. If that person is stronger, happier, fatter, or drunker is up to you.. Another core belief that supports this is the faith in the universe being benevolent and providing all the abundance required when called upon. The “when called upon” part is key because the universe gives what it receives. Which means if it is receiving nothing but negativity and blah for a poor human beings life that has been run and ruined by the outcomes of life. Then the universe will receive that call as a message that what you must need is more of what you are creating. Which in the negative case is more blaming hurtful bullshit. Once the blessing go up the praises come down. The universe is like your dog, no matter what you do they are still going to love you unconditionally. If you could imagine the flowers growing and the birds chirping to be the universes love for you, things that are always there and keep coming back unconditionally. Thats the one too unconditional, theres gotta be a shorter word for that.. Regardless, unconditionally accountable for love, hmm sounds amazing. Beyond judgment, beyond worry. This has kinda gone all over the place again, whatever, it’s only day four? Maybe theres a sentence or two in here that is worth it, we’ll see, hope you had fun. I kinda forgot about food and how it plays so a huge role in all of these things. Also forgot I started off with sleep, well you know eating too late can wreak havoc on sleep. Too much coffee can effect sleep. We must just accept at some point that sleep is your greatest weapon against the world, it allows your body to regenerate unlike any other time when awake. Get your mind, sleep, diet, and movement right. Stabilize and mobilize imbalances. Offer a map to escape chronic pain.881 6:11am

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