August 31st 2020 Monday 7:24am

Hey hey whats up guys? How are ya’ll feeling tonight alright woo! Yea, I’m pumped I’m fired up lets get this thing lit, light it up and it’ll be lit my conquistador. Ok so all that silliness aside I’m here to talk about bugs. Specifically flys. We have all heard by now that there is a movement to get the word out about birds not being real. It is completely absurd because if you have any bit of substance within your skull you know that birds are obviously not real. The designs all flawed and the movements are way too mechanical. How I know birds are fake was a while ago I was just hangin out, chillaxin’ and all of a sudden I heard a loud thud from upstairs. No one else was home, what the hell could it be? I checked around inside, no sign of disturbance. I walked around back and saw a bird laying on the ground a few feet from the back of the house. It flew right into the side of the house. It must have lost radio signal or the receiver unit malfunctioned. The thing was laying on the ground beeping and sparking everywhere. A tiny electrical fire had started, burnt wires and metal pistons penetrating the skin like covering. I thought wow someone just fucking destroyed their toy bird plane thing. I went back inside and grabbed a big cup of water poured it over the smoldering machine and took a walk around the block expecting to see someone with one of those big goofy fucking radio controllers jawns with the two joysticks. I figured I would find some guy who lost view of his bird plane and I would have to let him know it crashed into my house and it had been destroyed. I walked around for twenty minutes or so and found no sign of anyone flying toy bird planes. As I was walking back up to the house I saw a UPS truck driving away. I went to the backyard to see if the bird machine had cooled down enough to examine but to my surprise it was gone. That was the moment I knew that the UPS driver was actually part of a covert operation to coverup the fact that birds aren’t real. That was over fifteen years ago, so I have been woke to the whole thing long before the internet caught on. Surprised that more instances of like what happened to me aren’t captured more often. I guess the technology wasn’t as great back then. Plus no one had the photo and video capabilities that we have now with modern phones. Because if I had had the phone I have today then I would have definitely taken a picture or video before I left to try and find the driver of the bird plane. Thats really neither here nor their, what is here right now is a opening, an offering of truth about how birds have never been real and the technology used to create mechanical birds has been shrunk and used to create mechanical flies. The purpose of course is to create a global surveillance system that is totally hidden from everyone. The second deeper level is once an individual is fully surveyed then the brainwashing begins. “They” use flies wing flapping frequencies to transmit propaganda. The government started doing this with airplanes. During the war scientist learned that if they ran engines at a certain frequency they could be picked up by peoples minds nearby. So they used a radio spewing propaganda running through the engine frequency to transmit signals directly into peoples minds. It worked so well some cities were taken not by violence and bombing, some cities they signal caused everyone to either kill themselves or each other. Then the city was bombed to make it look like they were all killed in the bombings. The signal getting straight into someones psyche had over a 50% success rate. But they wanted that percentage to go up. They studied and found that the community most affected were those communities with a diet composed of primarily grain as apposed to communities with diets that had less grain. The decision was made to control peoples diets by telling them what is the optimal variety of food to eat. From my basic understanding it seems that the masters of puppets developed the best diet for people to more easily be controlled then told everyone that was the optimal way to eat, everyone listened and the success of being able to control people went from 50% to 100% likelihood of control if ever ingested an intelligent grain particle that was also created by the masters, but thats for another time. Everything that you think is real is only because they let you think it was real. 806 8:13am

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