August 22nd Saturday 5:49am

Congratulations man, really, you did it. Sincere, try to be a little bit more sincere. Why the heck is it sincere? Sin? That doesn’t sound too great, and cere? What is that? Words are weird. You gotta breath into the sensation of tension due to a motivation that you aren’t really sure on how exactly the mechanisms play out because they are different each time. Breath, where. are you? What’s wrong? Anything outside of thinking that puts you in any immediate danger, any there pending exchanges that require immediate resolution? No, just thoughts, Nothing can hurt you when there is nothing to hurt you. Just yourself, be calm, become right your presence, your being, your surroundings. The subtle drone of the air conditioning unit fading in and out causing the critters, and crickets to be less audible. Back again breath, be present. If you let your mind go somewhere else just bring it back at no fault. There is nothing wrong, you are strong, powerful, and courageous. Breath and wonder, hmm. How is it that I am so successful? A success of now, a success of knowing that you are whole perfect and complete in every y this moment. You are community of trillions of living organisms. They want you to succeed, they want you to find the truth and love in the world and in your heart that will lead you toward what is most important to you. You are such an awesome specimen. You have hundreds of billions of your own cells living and dying for YOU. Your cells have got your back. They are rooting for you, cheering you on. They comprise everything in your body. The nerves that turn the impulses and thoughts into action, the muscle that delivers the action. It’s pretty amazing that all humans are not only equipped with breath we have the gift of being able to have conscious control over it. Try this, take control of your diaphragm, really imagine the special muscle and its abilities. Breath in, push the belly out as far as you can comfortably go. Expand not only out in front of you but to the sides and behind. Feel lungs rise, feel the breath between your should blades up into the shoulders and down towards the hips. Be aware of the sensations that arise as your breath becomes bigger, deeper, longer. Keep filling keep inhaling, as big as you can go, and hold for a moment. Really check out where you are at. Then allow yourself to exhale. Pull your belly inward and upward and push all the air out of your lungs. Try placing your hand on your belly and giving it a gentle push. Round your back slightly, imagine pulling your belly button inward towards your spine. Try drawing your tongue up into the roof of your mouth. Hold the exhale and begin filling back up with air. Play with the practice. Use different counts, try using just your mouth, just your nose, both at once. Try one nostril at a time. Increase the frequency, the speed, the intensity. The most important thing is to feel yourself with out judgement or worry about doing it wrong. Get comfortable in your skin doing things. You are a trillionaire if you look at it the right way. You are composed of trillions of cells that work tirelessly for your survival. Fuck I cant hit 750 without just writing a real quick bullshit stream of the action that I am currently doing circling around how I want to breath more and how I have to make myself way more able to handle little itches and tings of anxiety or worry, its wild how the itches come up so frequently for so many different things and seemingly arising in so many different spots, whats up with that? All I need is one more run on sentence keeping no mind to subject, context, or structure, just basically throwing fucking paint at the wall hoping that in looks something like art, fuck, fuck this, fuck you, hah, how about a breath workshop that like quit being a bitch and breath motherfucker, like your fucking life depends on it, your cells have got your fucking back, all you gotta do is let the, know that shits all goo by cleaning up your thoughts, surroundings, and what you consume. So do that ok, wow still haven’t made it, running on, running on, just gotta get something out of my thick skull, um, oh yea fuck trump and biden, they both suck. A vote for biden is a vote to pretend that shit is not on fire. The vote to pretend like horrible atrocities that are directly related to American interests aren’t actually happening because I can pretend they aren’t…796 6:40am

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